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LGBTQ Creators Are Suing YouTube For Discrimination

The creators — who are all queer or trans and make LGBTQ content — say the platform is unfairly targeting their content for demonetization and restriction.

After years of complaints that YouTube is unfairly censoring LGBTQ content on its platform, a group of creators has filed a lawsuit against YouTube and its parent company, Google.

Five LGBTQ channels have joined together for the suit, which alleges that YouTube has discriminated against them by hiding their videos, removing subscribers, and denying advertising. They say the platform unfairly targets any video tagged with words like "gay," "transgender," or "bisexual," even when the videos have no mature content.

The creators say YouTube's censorship — which violates the platform's own policies — has negatively impacted their viewership and their income. The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status for the suit.

"The policy that YouTube has is meant to be neutral. They say they’re not going to flag us because we’re an LGBT show," Celso Dulay told BuzzFeed News. Dulay runs the channel Glitter Bomb TV with his husband, Chris Knight.

"But it seems to be flagging us just because we’re LGBT."

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